Metal Slug XX [ULUS-10495]

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Metal Slug XX [ULUS-10495]  Empty Metal Slug XX [ULUS-10495]

Post  jjoao on Sun Sep 12, 2010 11:04 pm



#Inf Ammo
;Credit jjoao
0x005001D4 0x01C9C448

;Credit jjoao
0x004CA380 0x08C5D0A0

;Credit jjoao
0x004CA3DC 0x00400000

;Credit jjoao
0x004CA3E4 0x0000FC67

_C0 Max Bombs
_L 0x005001D1 0x00000006
;Credit to original finder

_C0 Max Cannon
_L 0x0055330E6 0x0000010
;Credit jjoao

_C0 Max Bombs Machine 02
_L 0x0055330E6 0x000000B
;Credit jjoao

;Credit jjoao
0x005001B0 0x00000000


#Inf amo Plauer 1
;Credit jjoao
0x005001D4 0x01C9C38A

#Inf amo Plauer 2
;Credit jjoao
0x00500154 0x00030D72

##Prevented from jumping
;Credit jjoao
0x004CA3E4 0xFFFE3E9C
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