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Post  eXoTiK on Mon Oct 04, 2010 1:58 am

Call of Duty: Black Ops Confirmed Information
from Babkockdood and Ibroninja

Black Ops Confirmed Weapons

Here's a list of weapons that have been confirmed to appear in the upcoming game, Call of Duty: Black Ops. Click a weapon name to see it's corresponding image. Several weapons have been rumored to appear in the game including the Skorpion and the SA80. Shotguns and machine pistols will be categorized as primary weapons.

Assault Rifles



Sub-Machine Guns


Light Machine Guns


Sniper Rifles




•.357 Magnum
Special Weapons

•China Lake
•M2 Flamethrower
•M72 LAW
•Death Machine


•Swarovski Scope
•Colt Scope
•Red Dot Sight

•Snub Nose
•Grenade Launcher
•Dragon's Breath
•Thermal Scope
•Dual Wield

•Explosive Bolts
•Extended Mags
•Upgraded Iron Sight



•Willy Pete
•Nova Gas


•Camera Spike
•Tactical Insertion
•Motion Sensor
Black Ops Confirmed Perks

A new, healthy set of perks has been confirmed for Black Ops. It features many familiar perks from previous games and a few new ones, essential for multiplayer gameplay.

Tier 1

•Lightweight - Move faster

•Scavenger - Replenish your ammo from fallen enemies

•Ghost - Undetectable by Spy Plane and Blackbird
•Flak Jacket - Higher explosives resistance
•Hardline - Earn killstreak rewards earlier
Tier 2

•Hardened - Deeper bullet penetration
•Scout - Longer hold breath
•Steady Aim - Increased hipfire accuracy
•Slieght of Hand - Faster reloading
•Warlord - Use two attachments on primary weapon
Tier 3

•Marathon - Unlimited sprint
•Ninja - Silent footsteps
•Second Chance - Revive yourself and teammates
•Hacker - Claim enemy equipment as your own
•Tactical Mask - Tear gas and flashbang resistance

Black Ops Confirmed Killstreaks

Ibroninja has found all the killstreaks available for Black Ops multiplayer. Note the U.S. dollar sign is used to represent COD points. The actual COD points symbol is not an ASCII character. The Spy Plane is an equivalent to MW2's UAV.

•3 - Spy Plane
•3 - RC-XD
•4 - Counter-Spy Plane - $1600
•4 - Sam Turret - $1600
•5 - Care Package
•5 - Napalm Strike
•6 - Sentry Gun - $3200
•6 - Mortar Team
•7 - Attack Helicopter
•7 - Valkyrie Rockets - $4000
•8 - Blackbird - $4500
•8 - Rolling Thunder - $4500
•9 - Chopper Gunner - $5000
•11 - Attack Dogs - $6000
•11 - Gunship - $6000

Black Ops Customization

Black Ops will feature customization that no other first-person shooter has touched. This customization includes gun camos, face paint, sight reticles, colors, and a playercard editor. There are over 300 emblems to choose from. You may move, scale, rotate, color, and stack emblems in the playercard editor. There will be 12 image layers available. Thanks to EpicAnimosity for providing gun camos. Players can also choose to have their clan tag carved into their gun.

Weapon Camos

Sight Reticles

•Line with dot
•Arrows Horizontal
•Arrows Vertical
•Arrows with dot
•Circle within a circle
•Circle with dot
•Circle with Crosshairs
•Circle with inner line
•Circle with outer line
•Circle with arrows
•Circle with triangles
•Outer crosshairs
•Small crosshairs
•Large crosshairs
•Diamond outline
•Square outline
•3 dots
•Outer triangles
•X with dot
•Yin yang

Sight Colors

Facepaint Schemes


Black Ops Confirmed Playlists

The playlists have been confirmed a few days ago. Here they are, including the new wager matches. Each wager match is based on Free-For-All, but with only 6 players in a lobby.

•Team Deathmatch - 12 players
•Mercenary Team Deathmatch - 12 players, no parties
•Free-For-All - 8 players, no large maps, no parties
•Domination - 12 players
•Ground War - 18 players, Team Deathmatch and Domination, no small maps
•Search & Destroy - 12 players
•Capture The Flag - 12 players
•Headquarters - 12 players
•Demolition - 12 players
•Sabotage - 12 players
•Hardcore Team Deathmatch - 12 players
•Hardcore Search & Destroy - 12 players
•Hardcore Free-For-All - 8 players, no large maps, no parties
•Bones Team Deathmatch - 12 players, no perks, killstreaks, attachments, or contracts
•Classic Team Deathmatch - 12 players, killstreaks at 3, 5, and 7
•One in The Chamber - low buy-in

•Sticks and Stones - low buy-in

•Gun Game - low buy-in
•Sharpshooter - low buy-in
•One in The Chamber - medium buy-in, no parties
•Sticks and Stones - medium buy-in, no parties
•Gun Game - medium buy-in, no parties
•Sharpshooter - medium buy-in, no parties
•Pro Gambler - every wager match, high buy-in, no parties

Black Ops Confirmed Info

Here's some confirmed information found around the web about the game. It's bringing back what players liked about World at War, but unfortuneatly, there's still host migration. People say the developers don't listen. You might want to reconsider.

•Matchmaking engine has changed so friends can easily play together

•Create-a-Class 2.0 will allow players to customize appearance
•Customized killstreaks return, without tactical nuke
•Kills earned from killstreak rewards will not count towards the player's killstreak
•Commando and One Man Army perks have been discontinued
•Shotguns and machine pistols will be categorized as primary weapons
•In-game host migration will return

•Barebones playlist returns, in which perks and killstreaks are disabled
•Enemy AI in Campaign and Co-op is now smarter
•DLC will be produced by Raven Software, instead of Treyarch
•Maximum number of players in a party has been increased to 24
•Callsigns return, with full emblem customization

•The Swarovski Scope can only be used with the Steyr AUG
•Call of Duty: Black Ops is the most pre-ordered Call of Duty game in history
•Pre-ordering the game will get you a copy with modified box art
•The highest killstreak reward is at eleven kills
•Will contain a Theater Mode, similar to Halo 3

•Activision has put more money into Black Ops than any other game in history
•In-game currency known as "COD points" will be used to gamble in Wager Match game modes
•You can choose one of six colors to use for the Red Dot Sight
•You can choose one of thirty-five reticles to use for the Red Dot Sight

•A tomahawk can be used as equipment, similar to MW2's throwing knife
•The Tactical Insertion will return, but you cannot use equipment in Free For All
•There will be five levels of prestige, each goes up to level 50
•The four confirmed multiplayer maps are Radiation, Cracked, Summit, and Launch
•The upgraded iron sight attachment can only be used on handguns

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Post  Vain on Mon Oct 18, 2010 10:44 pm

Thanks alot for this I cant wait until this game comes out
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