★★ Boosting/Easy to Earn Reach credits [Tutorial] ★★

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★★ Boosting/Easy to Earn Reach credits [Tutorial] ★★  Empty ★★ Boosting/Easy to Earn Reach credits [Tutorial] ★★

Post  eXoTiK on Wed Sep 15, 2010 8:55 pm

It's a lot to read. Boosting Credits in Reach is not easy and extremely limited.
If you were a 50 in Halo 3 you can easily earn 500-1000 Credits in a single game of MM on Reach. As far as I know you can not boost credits with a turbo for long periods of time (over 15 min). If you have proof of boosting credits over long periods of time PM me and I will add it. This is simply to the people that want to earn credits easily without messing up their MM record.

Method 1**

Payout: 50 Credits in 10 minutes
Start Firefight with this gametype. Basically what it does makes you invincible and you can go eat or go run a errand while you have this going. If you come back to soon don't worry it pays out 5 Credits per minute after your 2nd minute has passed. After 10 minutes have passed it will stop paying out credits.


Method 2**

Payout: 50 Credits in 10 minutes
Start a forge game with this map. Same rules apply to this as the first method. The 10 minute rule applies to this as well.


Method 3***

Payout: 50* + Unlimited (4-20 Credits per Banshee/ Phantom destroyed)
Start the 8th campaign mission called New Alexandria. Get in the Falcon when you start and just let loose you can destroy them all day and not have to move on with your mission. It is suggested you play on Co-op Heroic. If you die tell you teammate to land and call for evac pressing down on the D-pad and and you will be transported to your initial spawn while your partner keeps on going. Once you are there just wait and another Falcon will come just for you. If you can not find anymore keep looking they are still around. Legendary does have the same payout for credits as Heroic for destroying vehicles but not enemies.

Method 4***

Payout: 50* + Unlimited (4 Credits per Vehicle destroyed)
Load the 9th campaign mission called The Pillar of Autumn>Rally Point Bravo. Get to the last part of the mission where you get on the Mac cannon and destroy the Phantoms/ Banshees. Do NOT end the game and finish the objective. When you die and it starts at your last check point don't rage quit come back and start yelling at me. It will save your credits from when you died before. Again play this on either Heroic or Normal.

Method 5***

Payout: 50* + Unknown
Load the 5th campaign mission called Long Night of Solace>Rally Point Alpha. You got it, again blow up as many ships as you can play on either Normal or Heroic. Once get you are out of the ship and moving again Save and Quit. Restart if you wish to.

*: Automatically pays out when you play campaign for longer than 5 minutes
**: Do not have to play
***: Playing is required

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★★ Boosting/Easy to Earn Reach credits [Tutorial] ★★  Empty Re: ★★ Boosting/Easy to Earn Reach credits [Tutorial] ★★

Post  Da KiD on Sat Sep 18, 2010 2:49 pm

Thanks for the guide man Im sure this will help alot of people
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